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Opal Amulet Pendant in Mixed Metals

Opal Amulet Pendant in Mixed Metals

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Opals are unique and beautiful gemstones known for their iridescent play of colour, caused by the diffraction of light as it passes through tiny silica spheres in the stone. Often seen as a gemstone of intuition and psychic abilities, they are believed to help the wearer tune into their inner wisdom and trust their instincts. This opal amulet pendant is set in mixed metals, sterling silver and 9 carat yellow gold. It is sold either as a standalone pendant, ready to be attached to your favourite chain, or accompanied by our signature beaded chains.

Item Description

  • 9 karat yellow gold and sterling silver
  • 8.76 grams (pendant only)
  • 18.8mm stone diameter
  • 25mm setting diameter
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"My oder arrived today and the earrings look absolutely beautiful. They've been on my girlfriend's wish list for a while now and she's going to love them."