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We create modern heirlooms inspired by ancient worlds. Our collections of fine contemporary jewelry include statement one of a kind rings, sensational earrings, and unique signature necklaces. Founded by Edie Charles, we champion authenticity through ornamentation.

Modern Heirlooms

At Edie Charles Jewellery, we believe in creating modern heirlooms—pieces that transcend generations, carrying within them the stories of those who wear them. Our designs are more than just accessories; they are treasures to be cherished and passed down through time. Crafted with precision and inspired by ancient cultures, each piece in our collections is a testament to the enduring beauty of fine jewelry.

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Signet Rings, Now with Opal Inlay

Discover our most popular collection of rings, now updated with opal inlay. Our signet rings come in a variety of motifs, from sunbursts to moons to hearts, and are made in solid sterling silver or glowing gold plated brass.

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Meet the Sensational Iris Pantheon Ring

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