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Lacquered Jewel Scarab on Gold Filled Necklace

Lacquered Jewel Scarab on Gold Filled Necklace

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This substantial scarab pendant has been formed in copper and lacquered by hand to evoke the stunning colors of a jewel beetle. Modelled from a genuine beetle, each scarab in the collection has incredible texture and intricate detail on all sides. In ancient Egyptian mythology, scarabs were associated with the divinity of the sun. The scarab represented the creation, transformation, and renewal of the universe, and they were commonly used by ancient Egyptians as protective talismans in life and death. This unique pendant is strung on an 18 inch gold filled chain. 

Each scarab is individually lacquered by hand, and may differ in coloring from the image here.

Item Description

  • Lacquered copper
  • 18" gold filled chain
  • Individually hand made
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"My oder arrived today and the earrings look absolutely beautiful. They've been on my girlfriend's wish list for a while now and she's going to love them."