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Aurora Pantheon Ring

Aurora Pantheon Ring

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Formed in 18 carat yellow gold with a slim, hand-textured band, and featuring an oval chrysoprase gemstone. Named after Aurora, the goddess of dawn and the namesake of the aurora borealis, the vibrant chrysoprase stone in this ring evokes a memory of verdant grass, a fresh juicy apple, and the brilliant play of greens in the northern skies.

About the Pantheon Collection

In ancient mythology the pantheon referred to all of the gods in a particular religion. Derived from Greek, it literally means ‘of all gods’. This selection of one of a kind rings represents a tangible pantheon for the modern jewel enthusiast. Each ring features unique and extraordinary stones that have been carefully and individually selected by Edie for their exceptional properties.

Item Description

  • 18 carat yellow gold
  • Chrysoprase gemstone cabochon
  • Size: US 6 1/2, UK M 1/2
  • 3.6 grams
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"My oder arrived today and the earrings look absolutely beautiful. They've been on my girlfriend's wish list for a while now and she's going to love them."